Hidy ho family and friends!

Below you will find all the information you need regarding our wedding!

Date: March 23, 2019 (assuming the Navy doesn’t change things, 99% sure it won’t)
Location: Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church, Cayucos, CA 93430
Church ceremony: 1pm
Lunch at church hall: Immediately following ceremony!!!!!!! (~2:30pm)
Reception: Short walk from Church following lunch (cake, dancing, and more merriment– there’s even a piñata!)

RSVP here. Please note: due to space constraints, we allotted only the people addressed in your invitation for headcount. If you would like to bring anyone else (e.g. date or children) not explicitly mentioned in your invite, please send us an email and we’ll try our best to accommodate.

We’d like to describe the aesthetic of our wedding as “Summertime soiree meets Saturday morning brunch”…but shockingly that hashtag was taken… also, we’re not hipster enough to rock that title.

Seriously, dress in your Sunday best but as the Bride hates bras, may not be wearing makeup, and often is the first to kick off her heels, please be sure to be comfortable! We think you’re great, just as you are. We hope that one day everyone will be a little more comfortable in their own skin. The Groom may or may not be wearing his military dress uniform, so our friends in the military, feel free to dress however you feel sharpest and comfortable. WALKING SHOES! There will be 1) a ~0.5 mile (10min) procession from the church to the reception and 2) a beach one block away that we will encourage running down to at some point in the evening.

As we are two fully grown adults, we have everything we need and most everything we want. So if you would like to gift us something, a donation to our honeymoon or first home downpayment would be AWESOME!!! Thank you! You rock!

Contact info:
Feel free to contact us via email or regular mail.

Mailing address: 35 Union St. #214, New London, CT 06320
Please note: Because of Tom’s boat schedule leading up to the wedding, please plan to direct all questions to Chacha. Thank you!

Any exciting updates will be posted here. So stay tuned and check in often! Much love!

Update #2: Chacha bought a dress!

Chacha bought a dress! A few bridesmaids walk into a bridal store. The attendant says “what’ll ya have?” The bridesmaid responds “Gummy worms”….Yeah, I don’t know, I felt like there was a joke in there. Clearly a bust. We tried on some great dresses and some horrible dresses (actual picture of me). For several weeks prior, I had maintained a spreadsheet of various options online so I knew what different types I wanted to try on in store to see how the online options would roughly look on me (but I was also open to finding one on sale in store, if that happened). In the end, I left knowing which one I wanted to buy. I won’t get into details, obviously, but the whole day was exhausting and fun. I was honored by the time those carved out of their busy schedules to come with me that day. We stopped by Target first and bought some bags of candy so when we needed a shot of energy, someone could baby bird me a gummy worm (except they didn’t feed me from their mouth, it was just their hand). We skyped my mom the whole time. Modern technology is a marvel! I got the dress shipped to my house in Cayucos, so here’s to hoping it fits when I try it on (after it was tailored to my dimensions) at Christmas! Yay! I’ll be wearing something the day I get married!

And now, to decide on shoes… #IHateDecisions #BarefootBride?

Update #1: Meet the wedding party!

To say that we’ve selected an awesome bunch of people, falls so short of the glory of this bunch. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we setup a little challenge for them to submit their best glamah shots, and here’s the results… Simply, breath taking.

Chacha’s People


Matron of Honor: Meet Lucille. In her free time when she’s not playing with dolls, Lucille is busy building rockets. No literally, she builds rockets. Not only do I have the honor of knowing her rather intimately as roomies who have suffered food poisoning often do, but I also have a plethora of good memories from undergrad and grad school at MIT with her such as suffering through Biology at MIT as seniors (when it’s intended for Freshman fall) or braving living in the Northeast during Snowmageddon 2015 when our roof caved in on our kitchen.


Maid of Honor: Veronica, though petite and perhaps misleading if you judge this book by her cover, has an incredibly big personality. We don’t hold the fact that she went to /that/ school down the street (Harvard) against her because when it comes to clever wit and a big heart, she sets the bar high. Not only does she casually read intense books in Ancient Greek in her free time, you know, when she’s not writing her novel, but I think I nearly doubled my vocabulary while living with her (my roomie during grad school). When I asked Veronica to be my Maid of Honor, via song, of course, she awesomely responded with a video singing her acceptance!


Bridesmaid: Teresa and I go way back to before she became a “middle aged realtor.” She is my longest friend from MIT! I’ll leave the story of how we became friends while studying late at night in our dorm kitchen for her to share at the reception to anyone who asks (she REALLY wants to share this story, so you should ask her about it)… but perhaps my favorite memory with her is dressing in white dresses, combing our hair in front of our faces, and then standing in the corners of the lobby in MIT’s main hallway one evening when the lights went out and scaring the bejeezus out of everyone going by and nearly getting punched in the face even! Oh, and there was of course that time we were in Italy and a our air mattress exploded…


Bridesmaid: Amanda, ALSO KNOWN AS CHACHA M., is my longest friend going way back to when we were in diapers. Growing up we went to golf camps during the summer, eventually verifying to our fathers that indeed, they were not going to have a professional golfer in the family. Our families had the tradition of getting up at the ungodly hour of 5am every Fourth of July to build sand castles. The sand castle she and I built is the only trophy our families ever brought home and you better believe we rubbed in our older brothers’ faces! Here she is trying to tame a horse.


Bridesmaid: Elizabeth is probably best summarized as: part southern belle, part woodland fairy, part cat lady. I spent many an evening while I was in grad school with her, often marveling at how Blue Apron made us feel like inadequate chefs in ways we never felt previously. Ha. She introduced me to Fireball and I am proud to say that my world is forever changed. Regardless how stressed I got during grad school, she was always a calming presence and helped keep me grounded in looking forward to life beyond school. Also as a fellow cat lady myself, I know I always have a friend eager to hear updates about my new foster fur babies.


Bridesmaid: Cristina and I met during our most awkward years– middle school! In fact, we were in braces and busy holding toothpicks from our mouths trying to slide a life saver off of mine and onto hers. We got close and personal, real fast. Our first sleepover was a train wreck when we both were up the whole night thinking our insides were going to melt away because we ate entirely too many Sour Patch Kids and Flamin’ Hot Cheetohs after watching Madea. She and I helped each other through the often socially isolating years of high school, and for better or worse, we think we’re pretty awesome for having preferred to hang out with our parents than at some pointless party.


Bridesmaid: The majestic Kat, pictured above as her ‘I’m in a bar at 9pm and it’s past my bedtime, why am I still here’ face, was quickly a new Navy friend I gravitated to. Born in Germany, she and I bonded over enjoying our time spent in Europe. I think what I enjoy most about Kat is how we both often find ourselves laughing at our “how did we get ourselves into this situation?!” moments. Most notably was the time she had to shovel her car free from a snowbank on the side of the road, with a mixing bowl!

Tom’s People


Best Person: Sophie, when she isn’t snuggling unenthusiastic cats for warmth, works as a Post-Doc at The Scripps Institution of Oceanography where she kills it on a daily basis leading the charge for unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) in ocean sciences. We met during a UUV coding class at MIT and became fast friends, catching lunches and working together when we weren’t playing Bananagrams or just sitting around talking.


Groomsman: Kyle and his wife Elizabeth (above) are mine and Chacha’s oldest couple friends. They were there for our first date! I remember they asked how long we had been dating and they couldn’t believe it. They were sure that we had been together for longer. It was with that same level of comfort that they became part of our lives. I found a friend to talk military with in this Army Ranger Infantry Officer turned Acquisitions officer and hanging out with them was one of the highlights of several visits to Boston over the next year and a half and watching them transfer out of the area was a sad day but now they both get to be part of our BIG DAY!! Also, be sure to ask Kyle about the one and only time I’ve had Fireball and how he makes bad bets.

Our People


Hypeman: More than just some great crazy eyes, Casey is Chacha’s (going-to-be-our) sister-in-law and currently working an awesome job at Unilever making everything from ice cream to soap (but not at the same time)! She and Bro were the first people we told we were engaged (because Mamma Mary didn’t answer the group video chat!) and it was with enthusiastic screams that she welcomed the news and Tom to the family. We couldn’t think of a better person to get people jazzed up about marriage than this gal (and her husband).


Hypeman: “LOOK AT ME, I DON’T KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT MY PROXIMITY TO HIGH SPEED TRAFFIC!” Bro never fails to produce some of the best postcards from around the world and “me-at-work” pictures. He might be the only person in the family without a Master’s, but he is one of the smartest people I know! No seriously, 7 years at MIT later and I’m still convinced of this fact. Just be cautious when striking up a conversation with him about his most recent ideas for fixing American deficits– they’re often… interesting, to say the least.

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