Family Photo July 2021. Napoli, Italia.


Our final product DOM, displaying the color blue to indicate the feeling sad based on one’s heart-rate communicated by the paired smart device.

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Nothing academic about this picture. Just a cool picture at Zoo Cafe in Budapest.

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Me at the Commissioning of a VIRGINIA class submarine.

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Not all those who wander are lost.


About me.

In December 2022 I graduated with my Executive Masters in Sustainability Transition Management through the University of Bologna Business School. I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. I am an engineer by trait but a generalist at heart. I have worked at the university setting helping create the Title IX office and a myriad of Sexual Assault Prevention and Education programs. I have worked at the US Navy’s biggest supplier of submarines, helping as a Process Improvement Engineer. Most recently I worked in the US Navy Budget Office in Naples, Italy as a Management Analyst and Consultant in Naples, Italy. To learn more about specific projects, please visit my Experience Page above.

In my free time, I enjoy anything with good food or coffee. I also enjoy knitting, gardening, and various DIY projects such as home-brewed Kombucha, soap making, wood working and creating mosaic tables with collected sea glass. Recently, as we have Amalfi Coast citrus trees in our backyard, I have discovered the joy of making Limoncello.

Pictured is my husband, our bio-son, and my two bonus daughters. Missing are our two kitties, Aglio and Olio.

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Family photo July 2021. Naples, Italy.