1) Masters Graduate Thesis, Cambridge, MA 

My Masters of Engineering and Management program required a thesis that integrates the principles of user-centered design into a topic of our choosing. As I have a growing interest in both sustainability (economic, social, and environmental) and policy-making, I chose to explore how cleaner energy policies affect the livelihoods of coal-dependent societies of Appalachia, and what are our options are moving forward. Throughout the thesis, Wales, UK, a similarly once coal-dependent and economically depressed region, provides valuable insight as to how Appalachia might better survive the energy transition that is happening in America. A copy is posted below.

2) Undergraduate Thesis, Cambridge, MA Fall 2013-Spring 2014

My Mechanical Engineering undergraduate thesis was a literature review of various known adaptive test methods for testing water filtration products in the developing world. After reviewing several different techniques I proposed various factors that should definitely be included for any lab/company interested in conducting similar product reviews. Specifically, I worked with CITE to conduct tests and research for my thesis.

3) Development Lab Rapid Prototype Engineer, Cambridge, MA Summer 2011

I was lead engineer on two projects: CoolComply and the Solar Autoclave. I designed and manufactured new prototypes for in-home personal coolers for temperature sensitive medicines. For CoolComply: I developed working knowledge of thermoelectric coolers. Supervised six interns by creating daily agendas and delegating tasks. For the Solar AutoClave: I co-led prototype development and manufacturing of the autoclave which focused sunlight to sterilize medical instruments. Used SketchUp Pro to design laser cut reflector designs.

4) MIT Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity, Cambridge, MA Winter 2012

Tested the Runout, Turning Torque, and Stiffness as functions of various preloads for different lathes. Designed a method for testing the Stiffness by hanging weights off both ends of the spindle. Learned SolidWorks to CAD up torque sensors, spiders, spindles and assembled them.

5) MIT Design and Manufacturing I, Cambridge, MA Winter 2013

Designed the table on which the students of the class Design and Manufacturing I have the robots compete at the end of the school year.

6) C3E Women in Energy Symposium

I presented the work I did in Development Lab (referenced above) at MIT’s symposium designed to highlight notable women in the renewable energy sector.

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